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God’s Call To Lives Of Lasting Impact

March 4, 2018

In life it seems the things that are passing get more and more airtime than the things that are lasting. What are the things in life that matter, that really make a difference? This first message in a series of four will help define what a life Lasting Impact can look like and the beginning steps toward experiencing such a life!

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Why We Need Children

You might know that God loves kids, but did you know they are so important He calls all of us to become like them? Children are the purest reflection of God’s design for us and for the world - watch as Pastor Les encourages us to embrace a life of faith, innocence, hope and beauty.


A Building Set Apart For God

God doesn’t need a temple since He fills heaven and earth so why were there a couple of building projects in the Bible to build temples? Because we need them. Temples are thin places where our worship and devotion meet God’s forgiveness, presence and love and where heaven comes to earth. But God’s preferred temple isn’t a building, it’s you and me. This talk is your invite to God’s building initiative in YOU.


Compassion Delivers

What motivates you to do good? Jesus was motivated by compassion and as a result healed, fed and delivered people. In this the final talk of the Lasting Impact series we learn that God has called us to show His compassion to those who have been displaced by war (refugees) and those who have been enslaved by others (human trafficking). His compassion delivered lasting results in the Bible and His compassion through us will deliver the same results today!


God Honors Movement

Most people believe the old adage that “seeing is believing.” This can carry over to our relationship with God. “God move with power! and I’ll believe you!” In this talk we’ll discover God’s ways aren’t our ways. He calls us to believe first AND do something and that’s when God begins to act because our God honors movement!