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A Life Given
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Givers and Takers

February 10, 2019

What you believe about God has a huge impact on your life. Our beliefs shape our thoughts and our thoughts result in our actions and life choices. If you see God as a taker or as a giver will effect every decision in life. Last week you learned: Jesus is Enough; this week will focus on what that looks like in our daily choices and whether we will live a scarcity life or an abundant life.

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Jesus is Enough

“God loves a cheerful giver,” but what exactly does that mean and how do we actually do it? Our resistance to giving is often rooted in a scarcity mindset and an inaccurate view of God. Jesus modeled abundance, not scarcity, and we can join Him in this abundance by trusting that He is enough.


The Proof of Life

How long do you want to live? Our world is obsessed with diet, exercise and being healthy. It’s God’s desire that we would live a long and fruitful life and His strategy is largely a secret to most people. Something you can do that’s more important to your heart health than a baby aspirin a day. An act that is more a predictor of your longevity than diet and exercise. This “secret” is right in front of you but most people never benefit from it. In this talk, Pastor Les will tell the secret God has for every person so you can begin to benefit from it today and for the rest of your longer life.


A Deal Too Good to Pass Up

Ever heard the words, “Do I ever have a deal for you?” They put you on alert don’t they? Why? If a deal seems to be too good to be true, it most likely isn’t true. But, there is a profound exception. God wants to offer a partnership with Himself to every interested person. It’s one He’s offered since the Garden of Eden and its benefits and blessings are too good to pass up.