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Get in the Groove

July 23, 2017

We live in a world which defines love as an emotion that may or may not last. Yet, God shows us a very different version of love. In this message, we’ll identify our own misconceptions about God’s love and we’ll learn how true love is meant to operate and transform us.

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Can You Say Dada?

Did you know God has a name? Most of us call Him God, or Lord, or something else pretty general. But God actually has a name and He wants us to know it so we can relate to Him for who He truly is. In this message, we’ll be kicking off a series that will help us learn the name of God, and hopefully deepen our understanding and intimacy with Him.


Who's Your Daddy?

A lesson in how God’s baseline emotion towards us is “compassion” and his initial response towards us is “grace”. He cannot help it. It is the way he is wired. When we truly understand this it changes how we relate to Him and to others. Prepare to be challenged to apply this lesson in a life-changing way.


I'm Counting to 5

It’s hard to think accurately about the anger of God. Either we assume He’s always angry or never angry. In this message, we’ll discover what Yahweh says about his anger. As we unpack this topic, we’ll learn of God’s patient heart toward us that longs to see justice and peace in the world and in our lives.


This Hurts Me More Than it Hurts You

How do we make sense of the tension between justice and mercy? We often want mercy for our own mistakes, but justice for the mistakes of others. In this concluding message of the series, we’ll discover how the justice and mercy of Yahweh are both necessary in order to offer us forgiveness. We’ll also learn how we are to carry this loving and just nature of Yahweh with us into the world.