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Hanging On For Dear Life
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From Hanging On to Held Secure

March 14, 2021

"Why pray when you can worry?" This is a humorous statement but all too often the reality of many of us. Worry is nothing new, it’s been at pandemic proportions since Jesus time, and there always seems to be plenty to worry about. In one of Jesus most powerful sermons, He tells us not to worry like most people do and then how to be set free to experience a life of peace. This talk reveals how to shift from hanging on for dear life to being held secure by God.

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Blankets and Blessings

The world can be a scary place and we’re all looking for something to give us a sense of security. As toddlers, it may have been a blankie. As adults, we often transfer our trust from blankets to other treasures – success, comfort, or wealth. Join us in this message as we learn what Jesus has to say about security, wealth and an unshakeable life.


Divided Loyalties

Many of us worship God on the weekends and then put God to the side while we tirelessly run after wealth and success Monday through Friday. This is the normal Christian life, right? Jesus counters this thinking with one very simple truth: you cannot serve both God and money. His words invite us to make a choice that is about more than our weekly routine, but about who is truly running our lives.


The Awesome Power of a Dime

The number 10 matters to God. It is the basis of our decimal system which makes up the way we count everything in life. The tithe is the way God counts the depth of our commitment to Him - the first 10th of all we earn or receive. In our monetary system it all starts with a dime. Our willingness to turn our finances on a simple dime ensures us no longer having to hold on for dear life to what we have, but to live in the confidence and peace He promises us in all areas of our life.