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Reviving Our Gates
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Freed and Flowing

January 31, 2021

We often think we need to spiritualize or hide our sin in order to stay good with God and others. And while that may seem to help our image, it never helps our hearts. The Scriptures show us a path to deal with our sin and become free people who flow in the Spirit of God.

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Beams, Doors, Bolts, Bars

Many people make resolutions at the start of a new year but few last for very long. God’s invitation to His people at the beginning of a new year, still plagued by a pandemic coupled with what seems to be an endless list of unknowns is not an invite to resolutions that depend on our human efforts, discipline or resolve. His invitation is to experience His Reviving presence, provision and power in our lives and the Life of His Church.


The Life You Hoped to Find

A lot good things in this world will feel like the life you always wanted. The problem is, those good things always over promise and under deliver. In this message, we’ll discover how Jesus is the only one who can provide the life we hope to find.


New Isn’t Always Best, Happy Isn’t Always Blessed

Have you discovered that things aren’t always what they seem to be? We are so influenced by our connection to our smart devices that we are tempted to believe that everything that we see posted or tweeted is true and real but, it rarely is. This third message of our Reviving Our Gates series shows how the next gates and a new revelation of “old” and “painful” are vital to a healthy church and the life of a healthy follower of Christ.


You Can Experience Daily Revival Here

The next Gate in this series could be labeled the "Revival Gate" although it’s ancient name is the "Water Gate." It was in front of this Gate that Ezra read the Word of God and the returned exiles experience more than they hoped for - Revival of an entire community. What is real revival in the life of a follower of Jesus and where does it come from? The offer to each person who is willing? A Spring of Living Water releasing revival in you and through you!


The Way of Victory in Warfare

In Nehemiah’s day the army with the most horses had the greatest advantage. The Horse Gate represents the reality of warfare in the life of a Christian. God warns His own to not be impressed with “horsepower” but instead to depend on His power. This talk with reveal the offensive and defensive strategies to live a victorious life in God.


Well Prepared for Judgment Day

The term “judgment day” causes emotion in most people. Some feel dread, some feel apathy and some don’t know what to feel. The last two gates of this series, the Eastern gate and the Inspection gate, work together to prepare all of humanity for the return of Jesus and the day of reckoning. The big question to ask oneself is, “Am I ready for Judgment Day?” The goal of this talk is to help you be able to say with confidence, “YES!"