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Love Gives
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Free to Love

February 20, 2022

Jesus invites us into a life that is free to love God and love others fully. However, there are many things that hinder us from loving well and one of the main threats to our freedom is money. In this message, we’ll discuss the dangers of loving money and the freedom that comes through generosity.

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Am I a Generous Person?

Most people admire generosity but not so many aspire to be generous. God is love, and because God loves, He gives and gives and gives to those who love Him. He also gives to those who want nothing to do with Him. God’s love not only gives but gives generously. A question this talk addresses is: Am I a generous person? It will not only help you answer this question but discover as well the GENIUS of generosity!


Three Tests

What if there was a clear way to know if I’m actually gaining/growing in my godliness? What if there was a practical tool, something I touch everyday, that could actually help me get more free and love more deeply? In this message, we’ll address these questions and find that the answer is closer than we think.