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Exposing Comparison’s Curse

January 29, 2017

Because comparing is so commonplace we could be tempted to think it's harmless but, it’s not. It’s good when we compare to grow in knowledge or be inspired to be the best we can be. It’s harmful when we compare who we are and what we have and do with others and become discouraged, envious, depressed or discontent. In the latter case comparison becomes a curse. This talk will uncover the curse and provide insight into a comparison free life.

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Are You Being Framed?

Our world has changed drastically with advances in technology and the expansion of social media, but one thing hasn’t changed: our obsession of comparing with others and the insecurity it feeds in our hearts. This talk takes comparing to a whole new level by describing framing: life posting a less than real you in an attempt to uncover this dangerous habit to prepare us to discover an authentic, comparison free life.


Freedom from the Curse

In the third and final message of the Framed series, we’ll discover three decisions that will help loosen the grip that comparison’s curse has on our lives. And ultimately, we’ll discover the most important step you need to take in becoming the REAL YOU!