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Welcome Home
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Encounter God

August 16, 2015

Doesn’t it feel great to be home? In this series, discover the place where you belong. Regardless of your circumstances, God's promise is that you can encounter Him and His presence when you're alone, with a few or with many.

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Experience Joy

God wants you to enjoy your life. Does this statement come as a surprise to you? It's true but few people, even followers of Jesus are experiencing the kind of life God desires for them. Discover what 3 hindrances will block joy in your life and how to overcome them.


Embrace People

We conclude the Welcome Home series by saying, “Welcome Home to a family where you can embrace people.” We examined four attitudes found in The Parable of the Prodigal Son. Two attitudes cause us to embrace people and two attitudes cause us to withdraw from people. Wherever you find yourself in that story, know that God wants to embrace you and He in turn calls us to love and embrace others!