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Think Local - December 29, 2019
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Easy and Light - Midtown

December 29, 2019

In the midst of our chaotic lives, many of us miss the fact that Jesus invites us into a way of living that is easy and light. It could seem unrealistic, but what if it’s possible? In this message, we’ll learn how to pattern our lives after the ways of Jesus and develop a lifestyle that leads to an abundant life.

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Looking Back, Looking Forward - West Dodge

As we end one year and begin another, it’s a natural time to reflect back on last year and to look forward to the year ahead. It can be a time of remembering victories and failures, delight and regret, joy and suffering. As we look to God’s word, we are encouraged what to remember, and what to forget and the hope we receive of the bright future God has in store for us. Learn how God is faithful to finish what He has started in each one of His children.


Let Go of the Rope - Papillion

It’s easy to trust God when we feel in control, but what happens when we we’re asked to trust him in circumstances that are out of our hands? Turns out, not trusting Jesus stunts our intimacy with him, and while it’s easy to say we trust him, we often struggle with it more than we realize. Trusting Jesus happens when we confront the idea that he’s not actually good enough to take care of us, and let go of our own sense of control and trust in him for security.