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Laws that Liberate
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Do This and You Will Live

April 18, 2021

Our hearts on a quest for freedom and fulfillment. Think about it - how many things do you go after each day or week that you find freeing or fulfilling? Exercise, a good meal, some time away, a fun hobby, a good hang with a good friend. These are all ways we go after what our hearts are longing for. But, what if you were to discover there was a better way to be free and fulfilled? In this message, we'll discover how obedience to God's laws actually bring about the life we were designed for.

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Who Is Your God?

The 10 commandments are God’s prescription given to enable us to know Him personally and to experience a life that flourishes and positively influences the world we live in. However, the first two laws that liberate run across the grain of most of our beliefs and we find ourselves tempted to shout “INTOLERANT” or “EXCLUSIVE." That is until we see more clearly the God who’s love and care for us is beyond what we could ever hope or imagine.


Treasure God's Name

Ever heard "Don't take the Lord's name in vain" and think, "I guess I should watch my language?" This commandment may be the most misunderstood and misapplied commandment of all God's commands. Turns out, it's telling us more than how to talk. Instead, it reveals how we can have a relationship with God that's powerful and pure.


Rest in God's Grace

Have you ever thought that you need to "earn" your rest? The 4th Law wants to Liberate you from this thought. This special Mother's Day message explains some practical ways that we can effectively prepare to accept the gift of sabbath and foster a life of rest, worship and delight.


Honor for a Lifetime

The fifth of the 10 Laws that Liberate shift the focus from God to other people and in particular, to two significant people, our father and our mother. Why? God has a very specific reason: so that we will have a long life or as Paul puts it, “. . . so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.” But what if I don’t respect my parents? What if they’ve hurt me, what then? God’s word has the why and the how to this life-giving commandment.


My Mirror, His Reflection

When you look yourself in the mirror, do you like what you see? What about if you were to look in the mirror to your heart or your soul? So many of us are ashamed to look at ourselves and desire to just throw the mirror away. This message explains how we can take the focus off ourselves, and onto the One who redeems us.


I Need Help!

The laws are intended to liberate us, but we were never designed to try to follow them on our own. This message from Pastor John Weasel of Dream City Church gives us a timely word and explanation on how God specifically sent a Helper to assist us in this daily journey.


The Operating System of the Kingdom

This final message of the Laws that Liberate series focuses on God’s invitation to a new way of living. Experience an invitation to upgrade to God’s operating system. This challenging message ties all the laws that liberate together and displays them as God’s invitation into His Kingdom, the only way to enjoy a life of true freedom.