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Designed to Lead: One Woman's Story

December 7, 2014

This message from Pastor Connie Bissen will encourage you to press on in all circumstances within your life.  When we decide to follow God’s plan with integrity, humility and a willingness to not give up, God will move in a powerful way in order for his plans and purposes to be fulfilled in us.

Full Series


God's Original Plan

This series is entitled Empowered: God's Design for Every Woman. In order to begin grasping how and why God created men and women, we have to go all the way back to the story of creation! Though you think you may know what happened and why; you are sure to be surprised and challenged by this talk whether you are a man, or a woman. <p class="h4">Further Reading from Trusted Sources:</p> <a class="button" href="https://s3.amazonaws.com/lifegatechurch/media/messages/pdf/Empowered_2014/WomenInLeadership_RayMayhew.pdf" target="_blank">PDF - Women in Leadership - Ray Mayhew</a> <a class="button" href="https://s3.amazonaws.com/lifegatechurch/media/messages/pdf/Empowered_2014/Twisted_Scripture_Greg+Boyd.pdf" target="_blank">PDF - Twisted Scripture - Greg Boyd</a> <a class="button" href="https://s3.amazonaws.com/lifegatechurch/media/messages/pdf/Empowered_2014/PaulandJesusOnWomenInLeadership_RayMayhew.pdf" target="_blank">PDF - Paul &amp; Jesus on Women in Leadership - Ray Mayhew</a> <a class="button" href="https://s3.amazonaws.com/lifegatechurch/media/messages/pdf/Empowered_2014/ParadigmsDefinitionsBoundariesGeneralObservations_RayMayhew.pdf" target="_blank">PDF - Paradigms, Definitions, Boundaries &amp; General Observations - Ray Mayhew</a>


When We Fell Down

Lot’s of people have heard about the “fall of mankind” but few people really know what happened beyond Eve eating the fruit. As the first woman, she has tended to get the blame but in this talk you’ll discover we ALL fell down when Adam and Eve did. The results were and continue to be devastating on all of life and especially on male/female relationships. But all is not lost for imbedded in the tragic story is the seed of eternal hope.


God's Way for Freedom from the Fall

God’s love never gives up.  The Bible is the story of His rescue mission to restore humanity from the devastation of the Fall.  This rescue moves from the Old Testament to the New and finds its culmination in the Life, Love and Work of Jesus. Learn about Jesus’ special concern for women and what He did so every woman could experience the Full Restoration, He alone offers.


Living Beyond a "Boys Will Be Boys" Culture

A series on God’s design for every woman would be incomplete if we didn’t address the sexual abuse, misuse and harassment of women in our culture and cultures around the world. One way our culture is talking about this issue is the: NO MORE! campaign. Jesus said and lived a NO MORE lifestyle.  He has called His followers to a FROM NOW ON culture of restoration, empowerment and equality.