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Compelled By Love to Invite
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Culture of Invitation - Midtown

August 28, 2017

As followers of Jesus we are called to make the message of Jesus our life’s work! We must have first hand experience of what He’s done for us, take ownership of His message by living in the fullness of the Kingdom of God, and work to create a culture of invitation in our own lives. This was how the Church grew exponentially in it’s first days and the invitation we have from Jesus to continue to grow the Church toda

Full Series


Our Invitation to Life in Jesus

Renewing our passion for … and understanding the urgency to… share our faith with others!


Living a Life of Invitation - Papillion

Hear our new associate campus pastor’s testimony and realize why it is so important to live an inviting life.


How to Live an Inviting Life

Continuing the Compelled by Love series, we address the thought of "How to Live an Invitingly Life." The challenge is issued to think of the"one" person in your life that is close to you but far from God and to be willing to listen to their story, to share your story and to invite them to church...and ultimately invite them to discover life in Jesus!


Fallon Sunday - Papillion

How to live an inviting life. In this one of a kind service you get to hear real life examples of how to live out a life of invitation.