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Cross-Shaped Love

July 8, 2018

Love is complicated. It can bring us great joy, but it can also lead us to greater pain. So, why do we want something so badly that can hurt us so deeply? Because we’re all lovesick - we were made this way. Let’s dive into the Bible together to discover why love is so complicated and how we can find a better way through the often messy world of love.

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Cross-Shaped Sexuality

We all have mixed feelings about sex. But one thing is for sure - we all have sexual feelings. In our attempts to make sense of these feelings, many of us have been hurt, confused and disappointed along the way. In this message, we’ll learn how God intended our sexuality to function in our lives, and discover how we can recover an expression of love that was intended to draw us closer to others and to God.


Cross-Shaped Singleness

Is singleness a season of preparation? Or, is it a time to see the world and enjoy life my way? Does it have a purpose or is it just about learning to wait? For some, singleness means great anticipation and hope, and for others it can mean deep despair and loneliness. In this message, we’ll see what the Bible has to say about navigating the world of singleness well, and finding lasting fulfillment even outside of marriage. (Please note, the audio-only version is different from the video version of this message on purpose - it was recorded at our Midtown Campus the next day.)


Cross-Shaped Marriage

Marriage is a concept we’re all familiar with, but we often don’t have a deep understanding about it. In this message, we’ll discover why marriage exists in the first place, and what the cross of Jesus tells us about how to have a healthy marriage.