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January 5, 2014

Being continuously connected with God is the most satisfying, transforming experience we can have in life. Pastor Les casts our vision as Lifegate for 2014:  CONNECTED with God, with Each Other, and with the Unconnected in our World and in it lays out how together we can experience these powerful Connections!

Full Series


A Walk in the Wilderness

We have a tendency to try to avoid the wilderness. In this message, Psalm 63 and David's retreating into the wilderness is the basis for discovering the benefits of fasting.


Growing Your God Appetite

The "how to's" of having a real, personal relationship with God can at times seem to be a mystery. Learn how to develop a real hunger for God and real steps to satisfying that hunger. Get ready, the answer may be more simple and more doable than you every imagined!


Growing Your God Appetite - Part 2

Last week we learned that we actually Hunger for the things we feed on. This week we complete the HUNGER HINTS designed to help you grow in your appetite for God; and designed to increase your ability to avoid the fried dirt cakes this world offers.