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Assessing Your Habits

September 8, 2013

Habits are huge... they can either launch us into success or drastically limit our potential. We all need to take a hard look at our habits and determine if they are helping us or hindering us on our journey towards freedom and spiritual strength.

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More Out of Shape than We'd Like to Admit!

No one likes to admit they're out of shape and with the surge of interest in core strength, quite a few of us aren't quite sure what that means. Let's take an honest assessment of our Spiritual/Emotional Core Strength which, if we're willing, will position us to get in the best shape of our lives!


Assessing Your History

Very much like getting past the fear of stepping on the scale after avoiding it for a long time, we must take an honest look at the things that influence our inner life so we can start to address them. Using the story of Gideon, we begin to address the places where our core may lack strength by looking at how our history (life experiences and family) have impacted our current view of ourselves and of God.


Assessing Your Heart

Do you know your true identity? When you really know who you are, you are able to step into the life that Jesus has for you.