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September 12, 2021
/ Parts:

Through these next 10 weeks, you will identify & embrace what God has done for you so you can live out your faith in the tensions of everyday life. This is your opportunity to encounter Jesus daily, allowing His story to shape yours and transform this world.

Think Local - Labor Day 2021

September 5, 2021
/ Parts:

This past weekend, each campus was delivered a special message from one of their leaders. Click the link below to listen to the messages! 

For Your Own Good

August 8, 2021
/ Parts:

When most people hear “submission to authority” it doesn’t inspire the most positive emotions or willing th God never intended this to be. In this series we will discover God’s original plan for authority, how he shares His authority and how to navigate imperfect people in positions of authority over us – all for our own good. It all begins with a decision of who we choose to be in charge.

authority politics

Not By Sight

July 11, 2021
/ Parts:

Scripture encourages Christians to live “by faith and not by sight.” But what exactly does that mean? In this series, we’ll unpack the Biblical definition of faith and how we can rely more fully on things we can’t see.

Think Local - July 4, 2021

July 4, 2021
/ Parts:

At different times throughout the year, we jump into our Think Local series where our campus pastors deliver messages to their specific campuses about what God is speaking to their communities.


June 13, 2021
/ Parts:

Who am I? This is life’s most universal and defining question, and how we answer it can show us our identity. In a world where people “identify” with so many causes, where value and recognition is rewarded to those who wear, say, post or do the “acceptable” thing, the answer to the simple question of “who am I?” can be anything but simple. In this series, we’ll discover the source of Jesus’ identity and in turn, the source of ours as well.


Laws that Liberate

April 18, 2021
/ Parts:

In this hour of cultural chaos, we need an anchor, a truth, that can stabilize us and strengthen us for the rough waters so we don’t get swept away. In this series, we will look at the 10 Commandments through the lens of Jesus and discuss how Jesus was not only the fulfillment of the law, but the source of empowerment we need to live by the law.

The Simple Gospel

March 28, 2021
/ Parts:

We’re going back to the basics for this Easter series as everything around us seems increasingly busy and confusing. Watch as we discuss the complications of our world, and how we can focus our eyes on the treasure of The Simple Gospel.

Hanging On For Dear Life

February 28, 2021
/ Parts:

The world can be a scary place and we’re all looking for something to give us a sense of security. As toddlers, it may have been a blankie. As adults, we often transfer our trust from blankets to other treasures – success, comfort, or wealth. Join us in this series as we learn what Jesus has to say about security, wealth and an unshakeable life.

security wealth money tithe

Thirst 2021

January 16, 2021
/ Parts:

During our annual Thirst Conference we join together for four sessions in January and make time to worship God, hear His heart and respond in life changing ways. 2021 Guest Speakers: Pastors David Perkins, Lee Cummings and Banning Liebscher.

thirst conference worship hear from god

Reviving Our Gates

January 3, 2021
/ Parts:

In this series, Pastor Les sets the tone for 2021 and shares the vision for the year that God has placed on his heart – to Revive our Gates and fully become the living Lifegates that God has designed us to be.

god designed lifegate

A Simple Habit that Can Change Everything

December 27, 2020
/ Parts:

This weekend we experienced our normal weekend services online and Pastor Micah delivered a message of encouragement as we look to the new year. Learn from Pastor Micah about the most proven way to grow in your walk with Jesus.

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