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What About Skepticism?

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April 14, 2022
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Podcast: What About Skepticism?

Episode 2: What About Skepticism? with Micah Eldridge


Episode 1 Challenge Follow Up: Last week’s challenge was to read John 14-16 and pay attention to the promised, dynamic role of the Holy Spirit, while asking God to point out something new about the Holy Spirit you’ve never noticed before. What stood out to you in your reading? Did anything surprise, challenge, or confuse you?

Scripture: 1 Cor. 12:31 - "Eagerly desire the spiritual gifts. And yet I will show you the most excellent way."

Summary: Did you know there are whole denominations of believers who believe miracles no longer happen today? Why is that? Cessationism is a popular and, for many, compelling belief that the Holy Spirit no longer does some of the “weird,” miracles He used to. Where does that idea come from, and, is there any merit to it?


Furthermore, what do I do if I am a skeptical person? Maybe I believe in miracles, but I’m not sure how I feel about people I see or know at church claiming to be filled with the spirit and operating in super-natural spiritual gifts. After all, many people and churches have abused and misused people and the gifts of the spirit in the name of Jesus. Is it wrong for me to be a skeptic?


Discussion Questions:

  • Where have you noticed your own world view or theology was primarily influenced by your experience, rather than by scripture?
  • How comfortable are you when it comes to wrestling with your own doubts? Do you feel the need to eliminate them immediately, or are you comfortable embracing them as an opportunity, as Micah mentioned?
  • Where have you found yourself to be skeptical towards the things of God or the church? Does that come from a place of pride, or curiosity?



Make a list of things you are skeptical about when it comes to the Holy Spirit, your faith, the bible, and even church. Pray and ask God to show you where your experience has influenced your beliefs more than scripture or the Lord has. As Micah said, stay curious, and ask the Lord to reveal more about this area. Invite Him to show you how He would like you to renew your mind (see Romans 12:2 for reference).


What About Skepticism?