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The Proper Squirm

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February 18, 2022
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First, lisent to Pastor Cole and Mike talk about The Proper Squirm in this weeks podcast.

Challenge Follow-up

Last week we talked about who God is – A God who sees, hears, and knows us. And when approaching evangelism, we ought to share our experience with who God is in the same way – making people seen, heard, and known. Our challenge last week was to come tonight with your 30 second story. Let’s go! Who has a story to share?!

Philippians 2:3-4

3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.


Proper Squirm- Sharing the gospel can be vulnerable and costs me something in stopping to listen and value the other person

Improper Squirm- Sharing my faith with unreal expectations of myself, insecurity and non-comfortability that makes me avoid spiritual conversations

None of us would feel squirmy talking about the person we love and care for most, but often we relegate conversation about our Lord and Savior to the uncomfortable, to be avoided conversation. How do we get to the Proper Squirm?

Be aware of:

• Evangelism that is theologically accurate but socially unaware (aka: accosted on the street, etc)

• People become commodities, numbers, ‘souls’, instead of people of value

• Using questions that set me up as person with the answers, instead of questions that value the other person

• Disagreement that leads to defending, instead of listening with compassion

Proper Squirm – the place of humility, ability to listen,being quiet instead of stepping in to defend God, making the other person feel seen, heard and known/valued


  • Questions are a good tool for conversation in intersections, but the focus must be the other person.
  • I am an ambassador of the gospel. I represent God and how he would talk to others is how I should talk to others.
  • Attitude of servant, humility, love, relationship, time
  • Listen. Listen. Listen.

Starting Point Questions

  1. At a restaurant, your food has been served, say to the server – “Hey, we are about to pray for our food, is there anything I can pray for you?” (What’s your mom’s name?, etc. make the other person feel valued!)
  2. Your friend makes a lot of remarks or comments and seems likely they had a negative experience with church or Christians – “It seems like you have had a negative experience with Christians you know. Do you want to tell me about it? … Tell me more about it. That must have been frustrating.”  Say less, not more. You don’t need to have the answers. Listening speaks volumes.

Intersections = Conversations + God factor --> Transformation

  • Pray for people in their situation… you don't have to bring them to salvation in that minute
  • Let God be the God factor. What God is doing at the moment may not be visible to you.
  • We are part of the journey, not the summation.

Discussion Questions

  1. What has been your biggest obstacle or hesitation in sharing your faith? How can you move it to the Proper Squirm arena?
  2. What new thoughts have you had since we started this conversation around intersections/evangelism?
  3. Have you identified people in your life who need you to be the love of God to them?


Step into 3 intersections/conversations this week. Move past the ‘squirms’ knowing this might take time and it’s not about me. Practice does something in us. Beauty and wonder when we can trust the God factor. Practice creates intersections that bring joy instead of pressure, guilt, and shame.

The Proper Squirm