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Seen, Heard and Known

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February 19, 2022
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Listen to Pastor's Mike and Cole talk about Seen Heard and Known in this weeks podcast.

Challenge Follow-Up

We looked at how the church has historically viewed and practiced evangelism.  Your challenge was to stay aware and look for opportunities over the week where you could share the gospel and think through how that conversation might go with people with whom you had contact.

NOTE: Our Challenges will be ‘challenging’ as we seek to be not just hearers of the word but doers (Matthew 7:24-28).

Exodus 3:7-8

7 The Lord said, “I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering. 8 So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey


We talked about why evangelism is important last week. This week we want to dive more into the how, when and what behind evangelism.

Hagar encountered God under a bush in the desert. And we see that even when God doesn’t give her everything she wanted or not everything changed A LOT for her situation, she encountered a God who says I see you and I hear your cries.

Moses encountered God at the burning bush and again we hear God say (Ex 3:7) “I have seen, I have heard, and I know and am concerned about your suffering.”

This is who God IS.

We all come into the world searching for a face.” – Andy Crouch

We all desire to be seen, met, and be known. And we ought to see, hear and know others. WE are born looking for connection.

This changes the way we approach people. We move from formulas and programs when we have the revelation of knowing a God who sees, hears and knows ME! It makes me want to do the same for others and introduce them to this God. This is who God IS.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie – “Everybody wants to feel important.”  Am I making the people around me feel important?

Discussion Questions

  1. When was the last time you felt seen, heard and known by God?  Tell me about it.
  2. Who was the first person or a story of a person who made you feel seen, heard and known? What happened?
  3. What can you learn from these memories and experiences when God or another person made you feel this way?  What are the commonalities or what has been modeled for you that you can learn from and turn into actionable practice with other people.


Know how to tell your story. WRITE it down. Imagine and practice for 3 different settings:

  • 30 seconds (elevator pitch)
  • 3 minutes
  • 10 minutes

Pause. Think. Reflect and Clarify with intentionality yourstory.  Our testimony is powerful!

NEXT week, come ready to share your 30 second story with thegroup.

Seen, Heard and Known