Through these next 10 weeks, you will identify & embrace what God has done for you so you can live out your faith in the tensions of everyday life. This is your opportunity to encounter Jesus daily, allowing His story to shape yours and transform this world.

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This Week

Week 3
Weekend MEssage

Creation & Fall

This episode is designed to bring the Biblical narrative into focus when we think about our daily lives. It helps you to see that God is redeeming a fallen, broken, yet sacred world. It also helps you to see or at least question how you can partner with God in this redemption in your daily life.

Discussion Questions

  1. What do Genesis 1 and 2 tell us about who we are and God’s purposes for creation? What does the fall mean for God’s original purposes?
  2. How could remembering the beginning of the biblical story change how we think about our vocations and our culture?
  3. How could you partner with God in your workplace, in your home, and in your community to glorify Him in your daily life?


God cares about what you do on a daily basis. He wants to redeem the world and he wants to partner with you in doing just that. Look for opportunities to identify God’s purpose for you this week in your workplace, your home, and in your community. Bring 2-3 examples to share with your group next week.

Reframe Video

QUESTIONS As you watch:

  1. What has God been speaking to me through this episode?
  2. What in this episode has caused me to rethink how I have been living my normal everyday life? What do I need to change in my life?


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