Women talking together


Through these next 10 weeks, you will identify & embrace what God has done for you so you can live out your faith in the tensions of everyday life. This is your opportunity to encounter Jesus daily, allowing His story to shape yours and transform this world.

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Women talking together

This Week

Week 10
Weekend MEssage

Joyful Living

A reframed understanding of the gospel gives us confidence and joy in the midst of daily life. The good news of Christ in Scripture frees us to live an abundant life of work and rest. This session helps us to see all of our lives as part of this abundant life.

Discussion Questions

  1. What does joy and confidence look like in the midst of the sorrows, heartaches, and disappointments of life-not only yours but of the wider world? In what or Whom do we place our trust and hope?
  2. What is God saying to you, your church, and your community about how you can be an ambassador to the culture around you?
  3. How have you been impacted during ReFrame? What have you adjusted in your life because of the last 10 weeks? What questions are you still wrestling with?


What steps is the Holy Spirit nudging you to take as an ambassador for Him? Make space for Him to speak to you. Take time to journal what He is asking of you. Step out in faith with arms locked with God as you partner with Him to transform this world.

Reframe Video

QUESTIONS As you watch:

  1. What has God been saying to me through this episode (e.g. encouragement, challenge)?
  2. What is God saying to you about how you can be an ambassador to the culture around you?
  3. What steps can you take to be intentional to step out in faith where God is leading you?



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