Lifegroup Leader Training Resources

Thanks for being a Lifegroup Leader! Here are training resources that will empower you to confidently lead your Lifegroup to the next level. Also remember to download the Lifegate app. We are working hard to put general resources there for kids and families as well as the latest updates on our plans as a church.


We’ve assembled a group of podcasts on our leader podcast page to help you on your way. You’ll find everything here from the basics to dealing with difficult people and situations.

Video Training

You can find a video at this link to help you manage your group. If you have questions about how to take attendance check out this video.

Weekly Study Guides

All of our guides are published to a single, easy to use page called Group Studies. You can select a specific set of guides by serries (prayer, love gives etc) by using the checkboxes on the page. On a desktop the checkboxes are on the left hand side. On a phone, use the "filter" button at the top. Select the series you want to use ad you'll see the associated guides in order from first to last. Here are some extra notes on our guides.

group studies website photo
  • Each set of guides is designed as a sort of stand alone study. We are trying to build a library of content.
  • If there is a podcast associated with a particular guide you will see a link to at the top of the individual guide pages.
  • If there is supplemental material (usually a separate essay or devotional) you'll see a button at the top next to the print button.

Our goal is to continue to publish quality content to the group studies page and we are working hard to publish all the guides for a particular series in advance so you can be thoroughly prepared!

Additional Resources

We have created a Lifegroup Leader’s Resources page with a helpful video, PDF, study guide, and practical meeting resources. Check it out.


Using The Rock

Your group members and meeting details are managed using our in-house “Rock” program. Your training should have covered using this tool, but see this training video for a refresher. Let us know how it’s going and how we can improve the system. We are always working to make it better and more efficient.

After you record the video, use this upload link to send it to us.

Zoom Help

We’ve created this guide to help you transition to zoom. Here’s a guide to using zoom. Zoom comes with some challenges but it is among the easiest of such applications.  If you have trouble you can reach out to us at and we’ll help!

In addition, we’ve created a list of games and activities you can use on Zoom. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun!

Zoom Games

Looking to Add New Folks to Our Community

Because Lifegroups are where big churches “feel small” we are encouraging you to reach out and invite some new folks to be in your virtual meeting and encourage your members to do the same. In particular, find some people who have not yet latched onto a group. These are the folks most in need of community at this time. Let’s put our virtual arms around them, draw them in and minister to them.

Important Dates & Details

Note a complete schedule of all of our online events can be found in the Lifegate app.

Lifegroup 2022 SPRING Season

Lifegroup spring season begins in mid January and ends on May 22nd. Many of our groups will continue to meet sporadically throughout the summer. We encourage to stay connected. The best way to have a good launch for a new season is to already be involved in each other's lives.

Midweek Prayer

We have midweek prayer happening at West Dodge from 11:30 to 12:15 each week.

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