Leader resources.

community group at lifegate church

The Lifegate App

Our teams have really stepped up content on the Lifegate app during this online-only time. Not only can you see the live events there, but there are also podcasts, event notices and an “at home” section with a great deal of content. Make sure you’ve downloaded the app and perused what you find there so you can answer questions for your members.

Bible Study Options

When navigating the Bible becomes uncomfortable or daunting or we just get “in a rut”, there are many excellent, Godly authors who have created helpful resources. Here’s a list of recommended studies and authors.

Bible Study Options

We also think the authors John and Lisa Bevere are highly recommended.

Soap Method

If you or your members struggle with getting the most out of your devotions try the SOAP method. Soap, or Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer can really help dig into the word.

Resources for Kids and Families

With the kids at home you may need some healthy ways to entertain and teach them. Here are some great resources.

Pandemic Resources

If you have folks who need food or other assistance during the pandemic the following resources may help: