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Gospel of Luke - Session 2

The Gospel of Luke
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December 15, 2022
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Session 2: Peace+Joy=Favor

I John 4:8-9

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.


God’s timing is always perfect and can’t be thwarted by men, governments, nations, enemies or devils!

When God the Father established His timing for sending His Son He selected several men and women to carry out each detail. Luke’s narrative brings us a beautiful picture of the steps that were taken to initiate the plan. This sequence of events and Luke’s detailed storyline  provide us with a picture of the true character of God. The Gospel writer painstakingly captures each encounter with the subjects of Luke 1 & 2 to bring us a journal of investigative reporting and storytelling that is difficult to match. It is said that even non-believers read Luke’s Gospel for its use of language and descriptive narrative. We can be assured that even Luke, the story teller, was hand picked by the author of Life to tell the story of the Savior!

Let’s begin by reading the first two chapters.  Remember as you read take note of the Biblical context of people, places, government rule, social order, timing, religious practice and other things that stand out to you!  Also note the emotion, occupation  and settings of which Luke describes.

You may have found the Session title (Peace + Joy = Favor) interesting.  Please take a minute and meditate, journal or discuss each element of the Session Title.  Look at the difference between a worldly and godly l definition of each. Which of these definitions do you see you are living out more?


  • Worldly
  • freedom from disturbance; tranquility
  • state or period where there is no war or war has ended.  
  • Godly
  • Peace is knowing that the Lord of the universe is with you and resting in that regardless of your circumstances. 
  • It's not just knowing, but it is also living it out. 
  • Peace is sitting in comfort and knowing that God is by your side no matter what.


  • Worldly
  • a feeling of great pleasure or happiness
  • Godly
  • a feeling of good pleasure and happiness that is dependent on who Jesus is rather than on who we are or what is happening around us.
  • Joy comes from the Holy Spirit, abiding in God's presence and from hope in His word.


  • Worldly
  • earned or merited approval, support, or liking for someone or something
  • Godly
  • unearned grace of God as He steps into one's situation and makes a worthwhile difference.
  • Once we accept the promise of 1 John 4:8-9, we step into God’s Favor. 

Now, let's take a look at some of the characters that Luke introduces to us in Chapters 1 and 2. Write down what your interpretation of their role, what they were saying or their response to what was being said, and their posture (authority, doubt, humility, fear, etc).



- Role

- They said or their  response

- Posture



-They said or their  response




-They said or their  response




-They said or their  response




-They said or their  response


The Angels & Shepherds

Now get your Bible’s out and read Luke 2: 8-20. What stands out to you? What questions arise when looking at this passage inductively? What do you notice about the angels and shepherds that stand out? Write down these questions.

Here are some questions that come to mind:

1. The Angel of the Lord has shown up multiple times in Luke’s Gospel. What similarities and differences do you see in this scene when compared to the previous ones?

a. Similarities

b. Differences

2. Why would the Angel of the Lord come to shepherds and not someone who had more authority?

a. How were shepherds considered socially at this time?

b. How does this relate to Jesus’ ministry?

c. What other shepherds can you remember from the Bible?

d. What is the correlation between these previous shepherds and the ones we are looking at here?

e. What is significant about these shepherds near Bethlehem?

APPLICATION:  As you have seen in these few chapters the story of Jesus' birth and adolescence, Luke’s Gospel provides much for us to examine and apply to our own lives. This is simply an examination of our own level of Joy and Peace and of course our positional understanding of God’s favor and our identity in Him.  

As we consider this awesome truth, where are you at in your intimacy with The Father (Abba)? Luke 2 ends by Jesus being in His Fathers House (ESV Luke 2:49).  Sit awhile and linger with Him - May his Joy, Peace and His Favor shine on you!  

FOR NEXT TIME: Read Luke 4



Gospel of Luke - Session 2